We have extensive experience in multi-function residential planning, commercial interiors, community planning, educational facilities and exhibitive designs.

During the past decade, meticulously tailored solutions and excellent communication skills have won us fruitful and long lasting partnership with our clients.

The following is a sample of a typical workflow of an interior design project:

1. Development of Draft
In order to work effectively with other sub-contractors / sub-consultants, a clearly disciplined outline of accommodative equipment and facilities has to be drawn.

2. Conceptual Design
Clients are encouraged to work with us to create unique designs that will succeed on every level.

3. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
The majority of drawings are produced by our CADD system which can provide accurate information to track alternatives and changes.

4. Materials and Finishes
Options and samples are provided in the selection of different elements of space.

5. Detailed Design
Detailed drawings are prepared for later construction after all confirmations have been made.

6. Quality Control
Sites are visited regularly to ensure all works are monitored and carried out properly.

7. Coordination of Sub-Consultants
We coordinate with specialists, such as structural, mechanical, electrical lighting and acoustic sub-consultants, to ensure overall integrity of projects is maintained.

8. Decoration
Clients are encouraged to communicate their desired provision of accessories, artwork, plants and etc. during the initial design and budget planning stages. We will match our actual work within the framework of our clients’ scope.

9. Follow-Up
From minor adjustments to services such as additional modifications post-completion, we are always available for advice and assistance.